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We are a multi-faceted boutique law firm located in Coral Gables, Florida with more than 30 years of experience

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30+ years of experience on your side

Our focus is you, the client. We counsel and guide you through the process from the very beginning, whether it be pre-suit stage, negotiations or pre-contractual, our firm is committed to your needs. We have a proven track record as shown by our satisfied customers for over 30 years. We are a family-based law firm, fully-staffed with attorneys, paralegals, assistants and staff support. Our client-driven approach is the key to our success.

Practice Areas

What We Do Best


We have represented many high profile clients in various complex criminal cases both in federal and state court, including the Supreme Court of the United States.


Our firm stands at the ready with both the experience and resources to litigate various civil matters from contract disputes to wrongful death cases.


A leader in the fight against Big Tobacco by being one of the few firms in the country that continues to file lawsuits against the industry.


From closing transactions to landlord/tenant litigation, we have represented numerous clients in all matters real estate.


Arguably the most important part of trial and we have assisted other law firms in selecting juries that have delivered millions of dollars in verdicts.


Rick Diaz has served as an expert witness in attorney fee disputes, netting millions of dollars and some of the highest hourly rates in Florida for his attorney clients.


Featured Case Result

We love winning for our clients, and that was the result for a recent tobacco litigation case. Rick Diaz was asked a few months before a tobacco trial to step-in as the lead trial attorney in a case in Gadsden County, Florida. Learn more about how he secured an eight-figure verdict.


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We're in this together

Being a boutique firm, our lawyers are only a call, email or text away. We hope to foster strong relationships with our clients to ensure we meet their needs. Our greatest compliment is a referral of new clients from past clients and that approach has fueled our growth from the start.